Taekwondo Training Pad


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This Taekwondo Training Pad is ergonomically designed and hand-molded to fit the natural curvature of your hands. It has two forearm support straps and a reinforced riveted handle to ensure balance and stability. Boxing Taekwondo Pads are made of high-quality faux fur materials, padded with a high elastic compression sponge. This ensures that it can be well padded during training to avoid injury.

Our Boxing Training Pads can be used as a fitness tool, and very suitable for daily training, but can also develop excellent striking and defense skills. It is very light and breathable, soft and comfortable, easy to clean, and the Martial Arts Training Equipment is high-quality leather material makes it difficult to break.


  • Color: Redblack,
  • Age:Adult,children
  • Sport Type: Taekwondo, Kung Fu, Boxing, Martial Arts

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