Adjustable Dumbbell Bar


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The adjustable Dumbbell is a versatile device that allows you to change the weight of the exercise without having to buy additional dumbbells. Made of steel tubing in a PVC case, this tape is durable and easy to use. Use end caps to increase or decrease the weights Accessories each end adjusts it quickly with just one hand.

High-quality decompression inside is a rigid steel tube lined with high-quality foam on the outside to relieve pressure, and threaded lip ends with star-shaped collar ensure safe drilling and easy weight plate replacement. You are free to combine Weight Lifting Dumbbell Dum with different weights depending on the training method. It can also be used as a pole by connecting poles.

The Dumbbell handles force the limbs to work on one side. Overcompensation is impossible with dumbbells, so it's an effective way to eliminate power imbalances.
Ideal for a variety of warm-up and strength training exercises such as arm, shoulder, abdominal, leg, or back exercises.


  • Item Type:  Dumbbell Bar
  • Material: steel pipe + PVC

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