Portable Sandbag Kettlebell


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The weight of the Sandbag kettlebell is compact and lightweight with sand that allows you to have a complete gym anywhere. It can be used not only as a fitness weight in your weight training, but also for training with large sandbags, for lifting Portable Sandbags, and dumbbells with sandbags. Inner pocket attaches to dumbbells. Holds up to 45 pounds of sand. You can easily adjust the weight to your liking.

Our Ludus imperium Soft sandbags are designed to last. Each Sandbag has an integrated refill pocket with an additional zipper and velcro closure to ensure that refills are fully stowed while working in your fashion. Sandbag fitness can be emptied and refilled and act as a unique portable training device for athletes of all skill levels.


  • Type: Sandbag Kettlebell

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