Boxing Reflex Ball


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This Boxing Reflex Ball is a great training tool for boxing. The lightweight ball has a soft touch and is used for speed and endurance training. The rope provides a way to make the ball more or less resistant while training. The rope can be attached to a belt or a squat rack for use during workouts. You just need to wear your headband and start enjoying the fun it offers.

This PU Traditional Boxing Ball is a very interesting exercise. It can relieve anxiety and improve concentration. You can also train your reflex, coordination, and hitting speed. This will burn a ton of calories and make you healthier. It is very light and small, and it is very comfortable to carry, whether it is in the bedroom, patio, beach, or living room.

The Reflective Boxing Ball is a very cool gift that you can give to your friends or partners. It can promote your mutual friendship and coordination. You can choose the combination of the adjustable hand difficulty and the different flexible balls according to your personal preference, and participate in the mirror ball game with friends and family members.

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