Super Light Yoga Mat


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Eva mats are lightweight and durable mats designed for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities. Ideal for yoga, pilates, eccentric, martial arts, Zumba, gymnastics, and more. A Super Light yoga mat should be lightweight, pliable, and fold down small so you can bring cracked surface structure for excellent adhesion. The closed-cell surface prevents sweat from penetrating the mat, and the tightly woven band resists tear and stretch. 

Gymnastics Mats is recyclable, biodegradable, non-toxic, and odorless, so it is harmless to you. Uterine adhesion increases with each use. 99% latex-free. All scrap is used in the manufacture of other materials for a zero-waste production process. Comes with a black carrying case so you can carry and store the mat well and efficiently.



  • Material: EVA
  • product category: yoga mat 

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