Abdominal Trainer Bench


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This is a multifunctional backboard that can be folded and is easy to carry when folded. The height of the Trainer bench allows for compressing the stomach and pressing the stomach from a lower position, which reduces pressure on the back and increases comfort. Made of high-quality steel, this exercise tool is strong and durable. Can withstand loads up to 225 kg.

This Abdominal trainer allows you to perform abdominal exercises, direct and tone your inner thighs, and perform assisted push-ups while working your core. Great for exercising different body parts, burning calories, building muscle, and building a good shape at home or in the office. The compact and adjustable design takes up very little space.

This way Foldable abdominal Trainer Bench can give you more stability and security for your workout. The back soft foam roller not only plays a supporting role in protection but can also eliminate the signs of fatigue during exercise. Effectively relieve back pain caused by lack of exercise. The comfortable grip reduces stress on your arms and makes for a safer and healthier way of exercising. Not only ideal for use in the gym but also ideal for use at home.


  • Material: steel net 
  • load-bearing: 225 kg
  • Type: foldable

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