Adjustable 30kg Dumbbell


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Our Adjustable dumbbell set is easy to use and ideal for personal or professional use. The durable cast iron can withstand constant weight changes and the non-slip embossing design, wear-resistant, and the high-temperature-resistant handle is easy on your hand. With multiple weight options, you can now create a personalized workout routine to suit all your fitness needs. These Dumbbells are perfect for shaping, toning, and losing weight!

This Weight lifting kit is great for both upper and lower body workouts, you can work out at home, in the office, or anywhere. Going to the gym is great for your body and also helps your mind perform at its best.  Reduce your travels and build your perfect body and mind right in your own home. When you buy them, you do all this and more without going to the gym. 

The Men's Combination Fitness is covered with a set of rubber which can effectively protect the barbell and prevent damage to the floor. Very suitable for family use. They are tasteless and environmentally friendly, and the elastic band on the sleeves eliminates the sound of metal hitting during adjustment. Please use it without disturbing your family.


  • Type: Dumbbell
  • wight: 30kg 
  • design: embossing 

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