Adjustable Door Pull Up Bar


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Our Portable Workout Bar is made with industrial-grade steel, securely welded to high-stress joints, and finished with sweat-wicking grip pads. Nothing is worse than a door frame pull-up bar that ruins your door frame or falls off when you try to use it. This ergonomically designed pull-up bar is easy to assemble and install. This Exercise Bar is lightweight and easy to store for fitness freaks who need to work out in the office, garage, or home gym.

This Pull Up Bar is easy to remove after your workout. With its foam-padded handles, it's easy to grip and provides extra comfort while you exercise. This door chin-up bar is suitable for pull-ups, dips, and much more. With the chin-up bar for home training, you can strengthen your back, chest, arms, and abs. This Door Pull Up Bar is a portable gym system that can be used as a door pull-up bar or on the floor for sit-ups, loungers, and tubs.


  • Material: Steel Alloy
  • Mounting Type: Door

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