Led Rechargeable 4 Wheel Roller Skates


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Leather-led rechargeable skates are perfect for fashionable fitness and fun. This is designed for kids and feature high-quality components. The wheel bearings are high-performance ABEC-7 precision bearings. The superior quality Wheelkids skates are perfect for sliding smoothly and fluidly indoors and outdoor.

4 Wheel Roller Skates can be adjusted in 4 sizes according to your children's foot size. Skating is a great exercise in being physically active while having fun. It helps to develop balance and coordination, it also improves children's mood. If your children love this sport, Wheelkids skates are very suitable for beginners, even young children, and will be your child's best friend on the path of learning to skate.


  • Type: 4 Wheel Roller Skates
  • Wheel Material: Polyurethane
  • Clasp Type: Velcro
  • Material: Cotton

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