Bike Protector Cover


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Elastic Bicycle Wheel Cover keeps your bike away from dust, rust, wet water vapor, sun, and scratches. It also keeps floors and walls protected from dirt and tire marks. This bicycle wheel cover protects your furniture from dirt and keeps the interior floor clean.

Bike Protector Cover is a bicycle cover designed to protect your bicycle in all-weather conditions, especially for Road Bikes and Mountain Bikes. Equipped with secure locking straps to ensure a snug fit to your all-terrain bike. Designed with a breathable material that lets air flow through evenly to prevent condensation build-up.

Anti-Scratch Bicycle Wheel has reflective stripes on the back so you can keep an eye on your all-terrain bike day or night. This bike cover is made of durable stretch polyester and spandex fabric that can be freely switched between different types of bikes. This bike cover can be washed with water and dries quickly. The fabric is lightweight and easy to fold and transport to save space.

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