Inline Speed Skates


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Inline Speed Skates are 360 degree wrapped heel and toe lessons, wrapped foot lessons, memory foam super memory inner sleeve, reducing the gap between the feet and gallbladder, tightly wrapped, breathable grip mesh design, and comfortable. The inner layer of the painting makes up the middle rubber layer, and the material is used as the body cavity of the inner skin layer. The Bionics principle is used to unify modern technology and natural forces.

Professional Roller Skates mesh material is made in scientific technology, uses the principle of air convection, and fully cooperates with the upper material to be more cool and breathable, comfortable, and reduce fatigue. These Roller Skates Comfortable Shoes are wear-resistant high elastic PU wheels, better wear resistance.


  • Model: professional fluid shoes/skating shoes
  • Inner lining: breathable mesh + environmental protection leather + thick memory foam + sweat absorbent lining
  • Bracket: one-piece luxury aluminum alloy laser engraving bracket
  • Color: black and purple
  • Shell: High strength PP material, 360-degree breathable shoe shell
  • Bar Buckle: Fine reverse buckle, double memory

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