Adjustable Surfboard Shoulder Strap


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This Adjustable surfboard strap is the best accessory to take your surfing to the next level. With this handy, length-adjustable strap, you can easily carry any surfboard. Padded side handles make it easier to maintain and reduce fatigue caused by prolonged use. Quick-release buckles are easy to attach to water sports boards, with paddle rings with portable paddle clip with adjustable function, fits all board sizes, including sup, with padding to avoid scratches.

The adjustable buckle provides added support and comfort. With a unisex design and high quality, this Adjustable surf strap is perfect for both men and women surfers! The elastic nylon band is solid and durable. The Shoulder strap is perfect for carrying surfboards, longboards, surfboards, sails, etc.

Surfboard Carry Strap suitable for people of different heights removable shoulder pads to distribute strength across your shoulders, ideal for long-term wear. Designed for paddleboards, tail ropes, surfboards, longboards, and similar boats, this back strap offers strength and durability that is light, heavy, and durable for outdoor adventures.


  • Applicable peopleunisex
  • Material: Elastic nylon band
  • Type: Adjustable Surfboard Shoulder

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