Black Swimming Gloves


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The Swimming gloves are designed to help improve the comfort, performance, confidence, and personal power of the wearer. Swim in comfort and speed through the water with these swimming gloves, specially designed to give you extra propulsion and drag your fingers along below the waterline. These Swimming Training Gloves are designed using a multi-layer process with no glue or stitching, no seams, and no straps that make them resistant to abrasion and tearing.

Black Swimming Gloves give finger dexterity for picking up small objects, for pressing small buttons on an underwater camera, or for adjusting your scuba gear along with magnifying the surface of your hands by 70%. These diving gloves are made with a 3D net profile, which compared to your bare hand offers much more propulsion, power, and speed in the water. 


  • Sport type: Watersports.
  • Material: Cotton
  • Features: water resistance. Soft, comfortable, and easy to adjust.

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