Trail Running Backpack


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Trail Running Backpack has multiple positions to hold, and can hold some carry-on valuables when exercise, with clear depart positions, easy to carry. Built for runners and also has several lightweight pockets to storage things such as water bladder, energy drinks and so on. Hydration Backpack is made of high-strength nylon material, this lightweight backpack provides enough space to hold your water bottle and other goods, so that you can easily go outdoors with it.

Hydration Vest Pack can be used as the normal bag. It is a great companion for you when you go hiking or trekking. Featuring multiple compartments, this Insulated Water Backpack is super anti-scratch, so that you can easily cope with the outdoor environment and super waterproof performance, so that you do not worry about rainy days.


  • Name: Outdoor Multifunctional Cycling Backpack
  • Material: Waterproof Nylon
  • Features: Independent water bag position, multi-pocket design

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