Men's Sweat Vest


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The men's sweat vest helps you to lose weight fast while you are exercising. Lightweight performance fabric wicks moisture away from your skin so a T-shirt is all you need underneath when you're out running or working out. It is most of the other slimmer waist compression suits got it wrong and offer an uncomfortable experience with an undersized design. 

This Men's Compression Shirt helps you burn calories, lose fat and slim down throughout your torso. It helps to detox & cleanses your pores, leaving your skin fresh, and as an added bonus it can also be worn to relieve back pain or to aid circulation. The waist slimmer makes you sweat in the right place using the comfortable non-slip sweat-wicking waistband so you're always dry on the outside.


  • Thickness, Ultra-light
  • Sleeveless
  • Produce more sweat and burn more calories when running, walking, and jogging.

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