Fitness Weightlifting Gloves


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Weightlifting Gloves are designed to be breathable enough to allow longer wear and more flexibility. It is made of top-quality PU leather which is non-slip and durable. Fitness Weightlifting Gloves are cushioned with extremely durable high-quality inner fabric to prevent calluses and blistering. The gloves can offer better wear resistance and cushioning while maintaining a soft and comfortable feeling in workouts.

Protection Training Glove is lightweight with a strong and soft feel, the palms are fitted with very good silicon grip patterns to fit your hand perfectly. The gloves also promote safe weight lifting by protecting your hands from hazards caused by rough weights. It is a beautiful cushion that can also be used in cycling or other specific outdoor sports.


  • Top-quality PU leather
  • Non-slip and durable.
  • High-quality inner fabric

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