Anti Skid Training Gloves


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This, Anti-slip lifting handle is designed to ensure a good grip on the bar and dumbbells. You will increase the effectiveness of your workout because you won't have to worry about losing weight during your training. The material is super soft, which improves comfort. It is also very light and portable for easy carrying.

Gym Training Exercise Fitness Gloves are soft, lightweight, stretchy, and offer comfort during long-term use. The back of the hand is made of flexible lycra spandex material, which allows absolute freedom and freedom of movement. First-class Weight lifting gloves cover your entire palm, and your thumbs are also protected.

That provides additional, firmer grip on barbells, dumbbells, weightlifters, muscle rings, bells, and more! Workout Sport Gloves gives a much better grip than traditional leather gloves. No more torn hands and no more calluses. For cross-training, blockheads, Crossfit, gym, powerlifting, fitness, cycling, golf, rowing, rope climbing, and cycling.


  • Material:  spandex 
  • Type:  Training Gloves

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