Foot Reflexology Massage Pad


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The Foot Massager Cushion is the perfect way to promote blood circulation and relieve stress. It features Shiatsu and Walks on Stones. The foot massager cushion can promote blood circulation, remove stress and keep your feet in a comfortable state, relieve tired feet, promote blood circulation and improve the blood flow to the legs.

Foot Massage Mat is compact, foldable, and easy to carry. It can be used at any time for indoor and outdoor use, as well as in the bathroom. The obvious advantage of the PP toe cap is its high hardness and wear resistance.  This healthy massage pad activates internal organs and relieves nerve pain. 

This Foot Reflexology Massage Pad is a high toughness, high quality, ready to use, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It helps to remove toxins from the body and promotes metabolism in the body. It also relieves shoulder pain, fatigue, body edema, etc., and gains energy.

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