Air Pressure Therapy Equipment


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Expression massage combines a vibrating air pump and acupuncture mechanism. Pneumatic Compression focuses on cellulite, blood circulation, detoxification, weight loss and offers skin rejuvenation. Equipped with various functions, this innovative expression pressure therapy device provides a complete training program that helps the body burn fat, increase muscle tone and stimulate metabolism.

This beauty system contains five different training modes air pressure therapy, vibration massage, circulatory massage, pulse massage, and abs training, as exercises for the lower abdominal muscles. Air lymph detox therapy is a treatment widely used in body fluids, beauty, and physical therapy.

This Device fulfills the functions of weight loss, relaxation, and body detox in one. There are clothes of all kinds. Fabric with airbag, screen. The airbags are symmetrical. It's around the waist and stomach. Also symmetrical from top to bottom on the legs. It can be freely applied to any part needed. Elimination of obesity.


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