Skincare Chlorophyll Liquid Extract


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This all-natural liquid chlorophyll supplement in liquid form is simple and produces a wide array of health advantages. A helping of our organic chlorophyll presents 120 mg of sodium copper chlorophyllin, sourced from original plant sources. We have our formula pure, with no sugar or alcohol. Our chlorophyll additions may help intercept foreign invaders, completely supporting your body’s response toward contaminants.

This Chlorophyll liquid extract can be applied for the health preservation of internal and external organ methods. It is most generally used to help clean the blood, and increase blood circulation. The pigment chlorophyll improves liver function and overall wellness. It also assists increase energy on a cellular level for a reliable, supported energy increase from morning to night.


  • Item Type: Essential Oil
  • Ingredient: Liquid Chlorophyll Extract
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Applications: Body

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